DAES, formerly known as DESA, is the biggest and oldest antique shop in Wroclaw  It has existed for more than 60 years and invariably at the same location: Plac Kosciuszki. In 1992 DESA was privatised and was taken over by Mr Dariusz Stoces (Da eS!) but the famous neon remained.

Everyone familiar with collecting antique objects in Poland surely  remembers what DESA was back in those times of real (unfortunately) socialism. On one hand a monopoly in antique trading but on the other hand also a guarantor of  quality in this market which came from both knowledgable staff and  it’s deep cooperation with museums. In case of Wroclaw’s DESA it is a practice that has been stablished since the beggining of the company.

The aformentioned owner and managing partner: Dariusz Stoces has been working at this very place for over 30 years now. Jerzy Tomaszewski, historian of art, author of both a tv program „Antykwaryczne Safari” and  a book „Antykwaryczne polowania” used to work in DESA between 1974 and 1976 and has rejoined the team in 2002. Stanislaw Jablonski, also art historian, has been part of the team for a few years now.

Thousands of Antique objects have passed through the shop over the years and found their place in museums and in the hand of widely understood art lovers. It is a living proof of our mission: the quest to rescue, preserve and pass on to another generation all the culturally valuable  objects that we call „antiques”.